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Wheel Carrier – Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series


March 29, 2013

This Dual Wheel Carrier design is the best and is most durable on the Australian Market, manufactured from superior quality steel with extra reinforcement mountings added for extra strength. These Wheel Carriers can carry two 35 inch tires, for easy access to the rear doors, these wheel Carriers have been fitted with a double action device lock that includes a safety pin for extra support and safety. This Wheel Carrier comes with LED Lights, Dual tire carrying facilities and a double action lock. Single or Dual jerry can holders can be purchased at an additional charge.

This Wheel Carrier is tailor made for the Land-cruiser GXL but it can also be used on the DX Land-cruiser. The GXL has long mud-flaps, and the vendor recommends that the buyer upgrade to the GXL version. When purchasing the Wheel Carrier for the Land-cruiser 80 Series make sure that the left arm of the wheel Carrier is a little different from the other due to protruding hinges of the back doors of the Land-cruiser.  On this version of Toyota Land-cruiser the tow bars will fit 90% and will need to be grinded to fit properly.  The other thing one needs to note as considering this Land-cruiser is that Toyota made one series with 10mm longer,  and hence if you have the shorter version, you may need to modify the rear tail light bracket. This wheel Carrier weighs approximately 75 kilograms, and can be fitted onto the following Vehicles i.e. Land-cruiser 80-100, Hilux 2005+, Hilux 20012, Nissan Patrol, GU (1997-2012) and Nissan Patrol GU1,2,3,4,5,6,7.